Public Facilities 1

Public Facilities 1

Culture of Toyohashi

Public Facilities

Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park

photo_Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical ParkThis comprehensive and large site, covering approximately 40 hectares, contains the Museum of Natural History, the Zoo, the Botanical Park and an amusement park. The Botanical Park area boasts a large greenhouse with around 850 kinds, 15,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants and a unique "Monet Corner." Among others, the Zoo has an African zone, and a hall of animals from polar regions. Children and adults alike can enjoy the attractions on offer here.

Museum of Natural History

photo_Museum of Natural HistoryThis is located in a corner of the Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park. Museum displays include an actual anatosaurus fossil (the anatosaurus lived on earth around 67 million years ago), many fossil-related materials, a Georama, and large screen video equipment. This unique facility allows visitors to learn about the history of the earth and living things in an enjoyable manner.

Life Port Toyohashi

photo_Life Port ToyohashiThe Life Port Toyohashi building stands at the Jinno Pier entrance at Toyohashi Port. Life Port Toyohashi serves as a base for the life-time learning activities of the citizens of Toyohashi. The facilities within the building are the Labor Hall, the Education Hall, the Women's Hall, the Concert Hall, and the Medium Hall.

Public Hall

photo_Public HallThe Hall was constructed in August 1931, and is built in the Romanesque style of architecture, with its semi-sphere dome and eagles. The sophisticated style of the building is a symbol of Toyohashi City. The building is used variously for music performances, plays, and lectures.