Public Facilities 2

Public Facilities 2

Culture of Toyohashi

Public Facilities

Art Museum

photo_Art Museum This is museum of the humanities located within Toyohashi Park. Museum exhibits include historical documents related to Yoshida Castle and to Masayoshi Nakamura, an artistic genius who died at a young age.

Sannomaru Kaikan

photo_Sannomaru KaikanThe Sannomaru Kaikan has a real chashitsu, or tea room for performing the tea ceremony. Many tea parties and haiku parties etc. are held, offering opportunities to experience Japanese culture.

General Gymnasium

photo_General GymnasiumThe gymnasium is a large-scale facility, and the competition facilities can be used for international events.

Iwata Sports Park

photo_Iwata Sports ParkThis is one of the many parks in Toyohashi, where citizens can enjoy pleasant walks. There are also facilities in the park for ball games where citizens' and professional sports' events can take place.