Four Seasons and Festivals 1

Four Seasons and Festivals 1

Culture of Toyohashi

Four Seasons and Festivals

About 10,000 years ago, people believed in deities of nature and tried to escape natural disasters by using spells. Then, about 2,000 years ago, people started to make a living by farming, and rituals of fertility and of gratitude for good harvests were established.

In the course of time, the deities of nature came to be reworked into deities who protected one's family and land against enemies and disasters.

While some rituals still retain a friendly relationship between deities and people as in the olden days, certain rituals have changed to something of a demonstration, as in the case of fireworks.

However, the meaning of the festivals remains unchanged: it is something that reminds people of the changing seasons and of their hometown.

Plim FestivalTezutsuToyohashi Fest.