Four Seasons and Festivals 2

Four Seasons and Festivals 2

Culture of Toyohashi

Four Seasons and Festivals


picture_SpringCherry blossom FestivalMany events take place in early April. Citizens enjoy the cherry blossom at Mukaiyama Ryokuchi Park, where there are some 1,000 Somei Yoshino cherry trees, and at Toyohashi Park. In the evening, lanterns are lit, and many citizens come to view the cherry blossoms at night.


picture_SummerTezutsu Toyohashi Gion FestivalIn early June, the irises in the Kamo Iris Garden begin to bloom, and the garden becomes crowded with people enjoying the flowers. In the middle of July, giant hand-held fireworks peculiar to the Mikawa region are offered up at the Yoshida Shrine. On the Toyogawa River bank, skyrocketing, colorful fireworks please the eyes of the many onlookers.


picture_AutumnToyohashi FestivalIn the middle of October, citizens from all over the city join the Toyohashi Festival. Since 1954, the festival has been enjoyed by citizens young and old. A variety of events are held, such as carnival parades, ton ton dancing, contests, dancing for citizens, a paradise sculpted by children etc.


picture_WinterOni FestivalThe Oni Festival is held each year on February 10th and 11th. The festival has been designated a National Important Cultural Asset and is one of the quaintest festivals, with origins dating back 1,000 years. The festival is part of the traditional ritual of praying for the peace, security, and prosperity of the shrine territory.