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Guide for industry | Industrial and Academic Cooperation

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Science Create 21

Science Create 21 (SC21) is a regional plan created by the city of Toyohashi for the purpose of revitalizing industry with the assistance of a national university, the Toyohashi University of Technology. The university's high-grade R&D functions are at the core of this plan.

Regional Plan Objectives
Toyohashi University of Technology
  1. Create a new base for industry.
  2. Create a base for collaboration between industry and institutions of higher education.
  3. Create a base for training and establishment of future specialists.

The Toyohashi University of Technology, known as a university that is "open to the public" with its on-going efforts to encourage creativity in future scientists, is promoting exchange and cooperation between industries and local communities.

Basic Functions: Toyohashi Science Core

Main Management:
Toyohashi Science Core

Science Create, Inc.
Toyohashi Science Core was established as the core body for SC21, with joint investment by the government and the private sector.
Phone: +81-532-44-1111

Outline of Operations
  1. Collaboration between industries and higher education in R&D
    • Research results obtained by the university are transferred to companies for the practical application of technology.
    • Research projects include work on ecology, computer aided chemistry and so on.
  2. Providing information
    • Operation of Internet NAP (Network Access Point) and multi-media contents development.
  3. Industry-University Exchanges
    • Training
    • Incubators
Business Park Functions:
  • Toyohashi Research Park
    This area has been especially designed for industrial activities and R&D related business. An office district is being prepared to support a variety of businesses around the Port of Mikawa in the future.