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Toyohashi's International Relations

Toyohashi International Association

photo_Toyohashi International Association The Toyohashi International Association was established in 1989, in order to form a base for international exchange at a grassroots level, thereby encouraging mutual understanding and friendship with other countries of the world.The Association is involved in a variety of international exchange projects, including overseas student exchanges, international exchange festivals, teaching people about overseas cultures etc. It promotes international relations at a regional level among ordinary citizens.

International Exchange

On May 26 1987, Toyohashi City signed a Friendship City Agreement with the city of Nantong in the Jiangtsu Province of China. A Sister City Agreement was also signed with Toledo, Ohio in the United States on April 29, 2000. Exchanges are conducted with these cities in a wide range of fields.

In addition, a Toyohashi Goodwill Ambassador has been appointed since 1999, and this person works to deepen friendly relations with many countries and regions around the world.

Toyohashi City is also home to many overseas residents, particularly South American people of Japanese origin. Toyohashi is working to create a city where Japanese and overseas citizens can live together, by establishing "Counseling for Overseas Residents," issuing bulletins in Portuguese, English, Chinese, and Spanish, and providing information in those languages through FM broadcasts etc.

Friendship City

photo_Friendship City Nantong is the largest industrial city in China, located in the southern part of the Jiangtsu Province, and 128kms upstream from Shanghai upstream on the Yangtze River. To the south of the city lies the Yangtze, and the Yellow Sea stretches to the east, creating a region blessed with water and natural resources.

It has developed as a modern industrial city since the 19th century, and is famous in China for its petrochemical spinning industry. Currently, in addition to petrochemical spinning, machinery, construction and foodstuffs industries, electronics and home appliances industries are also taking off, including computers.

On May 26, 1987, a Friendship City Agreement was signed in Toyohashi. The citizens of both cities enjoy many friendly intercultural exchanges, and in September 2002, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the friendship city agreement between the cities, a Memorandum was exchanged as an indication of new exchanges. Based on this Memorandum, exchanges between citizens were started in specialist fields from 2003.

Sister City

The City of Toledo lies approximately 100km south of Detroit, Michigan in the Northwest of Ohio, on the west shores of Lake Erie. Thanks to its good geographical location, it has become a key city in the transportation infrastructure of the region, and occupies an important position in the economy of the American Mid-West.

Glass manufacturing started at the end of the 19th century, and Toledo is famous as the "Glass City." Current industries include automobile assembly and automobile parts production, a manufacturing industry that includes the manufacture of glass, plastics and metal goods, and grain production.

On April 29, 2000, a Sister City Agreement was signed in Toyohashi. The Toyohashi International Association is at the center of wide-ranging interactions between the citizens of the two cities.