The Port of Mikawa

The Port of Mikawa

Port of Mikawa Toyohashi Area

The Port of Mikawa, an International Trade Port

photo_Number of imported automobiles
Number of imported automobiles

The port in Toyohashi opened as an international trade port under the name "Toyohashi Port" in 1972. (Currently, the Toyohashi Port, Gamagori Port, and Tahara Port are combined into the Port of Mikawa under the 1997 Revision to the Act on Port Regulations.) When the port first opened, it started as a port for importing lumber. However, after the rise of Japanese automobiles exports in the 1980s and of foreign automobile imports in the 1990s, the port now flourishes as one of Japan's leading automobile ports. Ever since 1993, the port has held first place in Japan in automobile imports by both number of vehicles and total value imported, thus gaining it great attention from both home and abroad.

In November 1998, the Port of Mikawa Toyohashi Container Terminal went into operation, and periodic international routes have also been put in place. We expect the Port of Mikawa to continue to expand as an international logistics hub.